Vacation and Art Prize 10

Vacation starts tomorrow so I get to walk away from all the inks, paint, and pieces for a few days and hopefully, I'll come back refreshed and renewed. Because at the moment, even with two pieces on the go, I'm just not happy with what is being created by me right now.

This vacation taking place at the end of August could not be more perfectly timed. The next two months are going to be quite busy as I am preparing and showing Spun in Art Prize 10 in Grand Rapids, MI. Spun will be on display at the Boardwalk GR Condominiums and they promise talented artists and strong work for their venue. I plan on attending the show throughout the three-week span of Art Prize. 

I plan on being there each Friday and Saturday evening for the duration of the show. If you're in the area, I'd love much to meet you. If you've been enjoying my work online, I can promise you that seeing it in person is really a great experience as there is so much detail and subtlety that gets lost online.

Bon Voyage!