Walking Out and Walking On

I never told you what I did at my new job. It was grueling and one of the hardest jobs I've ever had. I was a supervisor for a USDA mobile slaughtering unit. I got to observe and learn how animals are put down and slaughtered for meat. The job itself - making meat - is not a bad job. In fact, I took a great deal of pride in knowing that my work helped keep several area ranchers and farmers in business and that the animals brought to us did not suffer unduly.

The crazy part starts as I was hired to be an executive administrative assistant to a business owner in a very posh part of town who ran a business that had nothing to do with the meat industry. This was just sort of a hobby business he had acquired and he told me that they needed help with this thing. I ended up running it.

But the amount of drama and lack of support on the human end was nuts. And that was the hard part. Add to that a three hour commute three times a week to sit in the cold, flies when it was warm, ever present rain, mud, and bitter cold. And the never ending grind of keeping it all running...I had enough. My plan was to suffer through it until my apartment lease was up in June and then bunk off to Florida. 

Anyway, my boss finally pushed me to a point where I literally couldn't care anymore and I quit in March. I slept for 12 hours every day for the next four days. I've not regretted it once.


Miraculously, everything else has fallen into place and now I'm midway through packing up my apartment and bound for Florida. I'm ready to leave the grey Pacific Northwest. I have a rather amazing opportunity in Florida to not work full time but rather focus on my art.

And we're planning on taking at least seven days to drive the 3,000 miles across the country. Taking our time to stop when we see something interesting. I'm going to spend some time exploring sketching and painting landscapes. And we're taking mostly secondary roads to see parts of the country we wouldn't have otherwise.

My plan is to document this trip each day, along with the sketches, and photos of what we stumble across. I hope you'll join us on our trip. :)