New Job Last Spring

I wrote this in January of 2017. Posted it today in May.

Last spring I got a new job.

It was an intense job. It was the type of job that chases you down, knocks you face down in the dirt, rifles through your pockets for your lunch money, and sits on your back while munching away on the snack it ripped out of your hands.

I don't seem to create much art when I'm busy trying to get through the day. I have a distinct feeling I'm dealing with fatigued adrenal glands. So I've quite caffeine - day 17 or so, I'm going for 30 days. I'm taking fistfuls of supplements. Attempting to get copious amounts of sleep.



And I'm collecting self-help books and online courses like a hoarder. I am not sure how I intend to devote the time to these items. For now, collecting them feels soothing. I believe I will turn to them with more focus soon, now that the tears have stopped, now that I'm beginning to deal with the onslaught of demands of the job with less anxiety.

I believe this year will be a good one and one with more art added to this website. Fingers crossed.