Pamela M Roberson

Pamela M Roberson

Pamela Roberson is most interested in the interior landscape of people. Making art has always been a way for her to express her own interior life without relying on the symbols of words but rather through a kaleidoscope of imagery. The images she creates help her to explain those things that words cannot seem to describe.

Roberson was born and spent her childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she was free to roam fields and woods, exploring creeks, climbing trees, and befriending horses in their pastures with handfuls of long green grass.

She credits her initial love of art to her mother, a German immigrant, who kept their home filled with art, classical music, and literature. Roberson grew up reading from a large home library stocked by her mother’s membership with five book clubs. Her mother also decorated the house with prints of Picasso, Degas, and Lautrec.

When asked, in kindergarten to stay behind and paint a special painting for the classroom, Roberson knew she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.

She continued to create and grow in her mastery of her tools and her voice as her family moved to Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Houston and began to unearth mysterious symbols in her paintings. Her next artistic breakthrough took place on the floor of her Seattle apartment in the early 90’s. The symbols she’d been just starting to discover in college suddenly flooded, fully formed, into her work. These symbols told a story of hardship, anguish, and loneliness. While she didn’t realize at the time what most of the symbols meant, she did realize that this was the best work she’d made yet in her life. She had a small solo show and participated in some local group shows but her drama-filled life took up most of her energy and her art was put on the back burner.


The mysterious and unseen.

Detail of  Curl

Detail of Curl

Eventually, Roberson found herself working in corporate America. During this time, she reviewed her artwork and began to gain a better understanding of what it meant but she wasn’t sure that she needed to create art anymore.

One day though, the urge to create surged and with India ink, a dip pen, and paper she started drawing again. She started creating energetic black and white drawings and began to understand that she needed to change her life. She began to understand that making art was not a phase, it was her purpose.

Roberson realized that she would never, on her deathbed, bemoan the lack of Excel files she’d created but she would be regretful of not continuing to make art and hone her skills. That year she packed up and moved to the small and charming town of Eau Claire, WI. Here her art flourished in a way it never had before. She began working with watercolor in tandem with her dip pen and ink. She earned a spot in the 2013 Confluence of Art Annual Show and won an honorable mention. The following year, she had a large solo show at Riverwood Art Gallery.

She now resides in Battle Creek, MI where her studio overlooks a small idyllic lake. She continues to explore her fascination with color, line, and symbols and how they can describe all the tangled emotions within and between people. Her joyful work calls out to the viewer to explore with her the mysterious and unseen.