I have been enthralled by mark-making since childhood. I have a fascination for the complexity that can make up a single line. The scrape of a pen or pencil against paper holds a special place in my heart, as the sound promises the revelation of something as yet unseen.

While my art is abstract in its imagery; it is, at it’s core, all about people, relationships, and the world in which we live. We have relationships with family, society, and nature, sometimes traveling alone, sometimes part of a group, sometimes in an unfamiliar environment.

Most of the figures represent people and their inner lives, filled with emotions, memories, and thoughts. My work is about going beneath the surface of what we see and exploring what might exist if we could step into other people’s minds.

I always find different stories in my pieces and these stories often change from viewing to viewing. Sometimes groups of people are a stand of trees. Sometimes tiny plants are a family gathered together.

What I love is that people find their own meanings and stories within my images. I often find myself learning new things about my work from their impressions.

I invite you to take a moment to follow the lines and see where they take you.