The act of making art and its meaning is at once incredibly fascinating and rather mundane in my eyes. Much like our everyday lives, my art is a blend of the meaningful and random in a cacophony of movement and disorder that somehow comes together as a single entity.

I have been enthralled by mark-making since childhood. I have never lost fascination for the complexity that can make up a single line. The scratch of a pen or pencil against paper holds a special place in my heart, as the sound promises the revelation of something as yet unseen.

I work from a library of symbols collected over the years. Many represent some of my deepest feelings and memories and others are simply representations of ordinary objects. It's interesting to see which symbols seem to clamor for the spotlight in different drawings and how they arrange themselves among each other. I used to liken my drawings to emotional landscapes but I think they also depict the flotsam and jetsam of images and thoughts that have taken root in the crevices of my brain.